Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

This is Who They Are

They ousted Rep. Cheney from her leadership position by voice vote for admitting reality. She told them that defending democracy requires being truthful, and they said "We'll pass on that." She knows this is an indication of where the party is--

You can't even feel betrayed when this is all you can expect. Also all you can expect:

Shameful and cult-like behavior.  

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Victor said...

They took away "Satan's Daughter's" leadership position via a "voice vote."
Not via a secret ballot.
I wonder why?
Probably because the House RepubliKKKLANS are so afraid of reality, and so cowardly, that they figured she might not get the boot because a lot of the gutless wonders might actually vote in the secret ballot to keep her - because they know this is all bullshit!
And so, the secret ballot might not have gotten her out of her leadership position, meaning she'd continue to spread reality, further pissing-off their Lard and Failure.
And they couldn't have that, now could they?