Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Of Course, They Were Trump Supporters

While Fox News and other right-wing media fell over themselves yesterday discussing whether Dr. Suess Enterprises was cancelling itself for no longer publishing somewhat racist children's books and discussing the metaphorical pee parts of plastic tubers, the main story yesterday should have been that the conspiracy theories that they (and Republican senators) wanted to push about whether the January 6 insurrection was antifa (of course not ) and whether there was any wide-scale voter fraud that impacted the election, were totally busted.

Also in important news--white supremacist violence is real and the threat is growing. It's a real thing, unlike cancel culture which is....just stupid. 

In a bit of an interesting aside, Senators Lee and Hawley were awfully interested in what Wray had to say about cell phone data regarding the investigation, weren't they?


Ten Bears said...

Just exactly how do you go about disguising yourself as "antifa"?

Vixen Strangely said...

Paranoid RW-ers love the "false flag" narrative so much I know they've definitely infiltrated BLM protests to start crap, so they believe the same thing must be going on with lefties--like someone would have to put on a MAGA hat (I guess that's the opposite of a "thinking cap") and other gear to provoke people who've already come kitted out in four-figures worth of army/navy surplus swag like it's a Soldier of Fortune photo shoot.

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