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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Vacation's All He Ever Wanted Part 2


So, Senator (for now, I guess) Ted Cruz made a self-serving statement to explain why he went to Cancun: his daggone daughters wanted to go, and you know how it is when you want to be a good dad. It just makes me more sad for parents right now explaining to their kids why they isn't any water, or why they are so cold. There's things you want to do for your family and just can't. 

Cruz's statement also says he was always intending to come right back. 

Ahem. That was what we call a "checkable". He was going to stay until Saturday before he wasn't. But maybe his girls asked him to go home and he really wanted to be a good dad. You never know.

UPDATE: Whew! SO, Heidi Cruz planned the trip because her house was "FREEZING" according to a leaked group chat, they left their little dog Snowflake behind in the freezing house to be taken care of by a security guard, and Ted Cruz's main priority, while swearing that he came back to do everything possible to help the folks of Texas get their lights on (whev, right?) has been to get a treatment at the Sean Hannity Reputation Laundry because if a man can't tend to his reputation first, what the heck is he supposed to do? Phone bank, do wellness checks, raise money for direct aid or perform other basic constituent care? Please!

(Otherwise, I guess he could stay in his cold-ass house with Snowflake and people on his sidewalk chanting "resign" at him.)

I think we're caught up. He's a jerk, but we knew that. 

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Victor said...

As a US Senator, if he wanted to be a "good dad," he might have given his daughters a civics lesson.
He might have told them, "I'm sorry girls, but we can't take this trip because a lot of people are going to need help, and good citizens stay and see what they can do to help others.
You can make phone calls with your mom, or drop off parcels of food and water.
And I need to man the phones to see what I can do to help others.
Hell, shovel the driveways of sick or old people, if nothing else.
We can ALL do something to help other people!"

But no.
Not Ted Cruz.
Because Ted Cruz is a sociopath.

On the plus side, I think we'll never have a POTUS Ted Cruz.
And hopefully, after 2024, he'll be an ex-US Senator!
Who says there aren't any silver linings anymore?!?