Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pining for the Fjords 2: Makes Sense to Them!

I thought it might just be a one-weekend weirdness kind of story when Trump's Greenland obsession came to light, although it was cute, at first, watching the slightly-blitzed Larry Kudlow defend it in all seriousness. It took a bit of a turn when he postponed his trip to Copenhagen and then put the Danish PM on blast, but Darn it all! He had apparently been thinking about this thing for a long time. Why, it's prime real estate!

(The joke about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland is a bit dark, though.)

But now that it's become a diplomatic incident, apparently, the Republican party thinks this is definitely very legal and very cool, and are fundraising off of it. I guess it's life-support-system for an Adam's apple, Senator Tom Cotton, though, who really takes the old birthday cake by admitting to be the person who gave Trump this tremendous brainstorm.

Oh, Tommy. What kind of super brain genius is going to take you seriously now...

Ah, right. He's still after a Trump cabinet position. Loyalty! He shows it!

Yeesh. I really did not think I'd still be blogging about this.

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