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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Trump is a Goddamn Cheat

You know, it's bad enough that Trump is a world-class pathological liar, but does he also have to be one of the world's sorriest cheats?

This week, the pitiful business failure who decided to look to politics for love (Snort! he should have stuck to reality tv!) floated a trial balloon on Twitter: "What if the elections happen, but only when I think they wouldn't suck for me?":

People can say he kids, but I really have my doubts. He got help from Russia (because no, that was never a "hoax") and has never treated it as a joke--he's deadly serious about denying it. If he had tried to brush it off, instead of tweeting "WITCH HUNT!!" all the time, he'd probably seem less like a very guilty little thing. And of course there's the impeachment (trying to get help from Ukraine), and the wink and nod at the camps for Uyghurs in China for the benefit of just a little face-saving trade. (He tried to get Hunter Biden dirt from them. too.) He thinks cheating is completely fine.

I mean, he's alleged to have cheated on the SATs. He basically cheated his way out of the draft. He cheats at golf. He cheats at business (and still loses money!). He has cheated on wives, his charity was a cheat that ripped off vets and kids with cancer, the Trump University scam was a miserable case of cheating and taking advantage of broke people during an economic crisis. His campaign doesn't pay it's bills to municipalities for police security, but it sure is prompt with payments for use of Trump properties--you betcha!

And how does he cover it up? Right. Accusing everyone else of what he's doing. Oh, woe is he! Leaving aside whether or not Trump has the power to change the date of the election, he can fuck with the mail, and seems to be doing so (this should be a thing under congressional purview, yes?) And he can encourage violence amongst his followersm who he keeps pretty whipped up over the possibility that the election wil be "rigged". He may use his cronies to create the impression that a little chaos goes a long way to his favor. He can falsely create doubt that the results of the election will be valid.

He cheats because he does not have what it takes to win honestly. I have never wanted to see anyone lose anything so badly in my life as I want this damn cheat to be out of our White House.

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