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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Donald Trump Certainly is A Fascinating Case

I'm going to temporarily forgo discussing the bizarre presser that GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump gave where he berated the media for forcing him to pay up on the fund-raising debt that he owed to veterans' groups, all because his alligator-mouth pledged the funds in a stunt to deflect from ditching a debate, and he then was very surprised that his canary-ass has to cover the checks.  This is an astonishingly disqualifying level of transparent dishonesty--although one that has become so much a part of Donald Trump's "brand" that it is practically normalized. Although--nota bene--his fundraiser was televised. He probably did not expect that the date of his shame-checks would also be televised. Sad! (Or that anyone would question what agencies even received them. Which is certainly interesting.)  Chalk it up to the "sleazy" media to think it's necessary to see if candidates for the highest political offices actually follow through on the things they say! As if they were some kind of "fourth estate" charged with ensuring some kind of accountability in an open and transparent democracy or something!

Since we all know Trump hates journalists and the First Amendment right off the bat, let's just elide the real and present danger Trump poses to any semblance of Free Speech and democracy, and get to the way he's a demagogue who is trying to use racism to deflect from how he's a scummy grifting con artist with no conscience whatsoever. Because that would be kind of also important.

And the Trump University story is definitely a story about grifting without conscience. It's a story about how Trump used his "brand" as a very successful real estate mogul (the actual value of which being subject to serious contention) to sell real estate-flipping lessons of dubious value to people who basically were in the market for new careers and didn't have "dubiously-valued real-estate lesson money" to throw around. Instead of being told to do smart money-things, Trump University students were told to do dumb-money things.

And of course he tied it in with his TV show, because why wouldn't you let people feel like they were in that tv reality show celebrity luxury milieu?

But wait--there's more!

(Click to embiggen the graphic.)

In advance of the housing and mortgage loan debt crisis, which Trump was kind of rooting for, and which he was going to make bank on, he was telling rubes they would never see such a great time to sell. They'd be millionaires, those people going into debt to buy his "lessons".  Them buying properties with OPM also known as a bank loan which means interest which means you pay it back and don't have a rich man's resources to pay it all the hell back because your broke ass don't have stuff to collateralize made such good business sense to him that he made people pay for the privilege of getting such outstandingly crappy advice.

Ahem. Either he knew this was the shittiest advice in the world and was getting rich on the goodwill and ignorance of these people, or, he thought he was giving great advice because he's a damn dumbass. So, take your pick: evil or dumb, but I would encourage you to use your imagination and entertain the possibility that Trump is both evil and dumb. He thought he could pick the reubens clean because what are they gonna do--holler? Sue? And if they did sue, while he was running a very public campaign for president, he could make a case for bias because the Judge! Was! Some! Kind! of! Spanish!

That's crazy! You might think. Who thinks they can publicly try their fraud case by getting all their fraudulent junk aired out in public and try to delegitimize the judge as being some Mexican hater and expect it to all go away like they never drained the retirement funds of veterans and nice folks and stuff like that?

Trump does. That's the freaking weird and scary part. He literally said he could shoot people on the street and his fans would forgive him. I'm beginning to be more inclined to think this is straight shoot. That isn't hyperbole. He has no conscience about putting the judge on trial over his ethnic heritage just to weasel out of being a grifter. He knows if enough of his truly racist friends out there are with him, then the go along to get along gang is gonna stick with him, no matter what kind of scumbag he is.

And the sick thing is, his fans are maybe just crazy enough to not even mind that he is a con artist who doesn't know the least thing about the job he's trying to run for.  And they couldn't give one good shit whether he'll wreck the First Amendment, or make the whole Judicial Branch some kind of pushover catspaws.

But it matters. A lot.

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