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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

More Than Satisfied

Biden/Harris clicks for me in a satisfying way as a balanced ticket, and all too many think pieces are going to run down the list of identities that show the contrast between these candidates. You know, he's the white male party elder and she's the younger woman of color, etc. But I want to talk about the energy, the synergy, the chemistry--these are two people who care about good government and show great empathy for others. 

I was pissed off in December 2019 when Kamala Harris dropped out of the Democratic 2020 primary. To me, she represented the energy we needed, but I never did gather my thoughts about my disappointment as they probably constituted not a blogpost, but a twenty-volume leather bound special print edition that goes on at length about matters such as "Yeah but the 1990s", "Why the hell Iowa, though?",  "Did the lady smile enough for you?" and "Do racists actually care where brown people are from before they do a racism?" I refrained because I do not have twenty-volume leather bound time and space. 

But damn I thought about all of it. I feel ready to have her back in a journey where she's going to get the kind of press Hillary Clinton got, because that machine never stops. And I know even the plusses of her record are going to be treated as possible strikes against her.

She has taken on the banks and worked for the environment. She has walked a line where she has tried to do justice to the victims of crimes and the accused. She has been a supporter of civil rights and LGBTQ rights. She is not perfect, and no one is. She walked with BLM and marched in Pride. She made Bill Barr uncomfortable during his confirmation hearing and she made Brett Kavanaugh uncomfortable during his. I welcome people who want to say anything about that being wrong--don't make me love her more, you bastards!

I am more than satisfied. I am energized. I see the mutual respect and admiration between Biden and Harris, that one moment aside. (Or maybe magnified, in how they mutually understood it for what it was.) I think they on the whole are complementary and can accomplish big things--like cleaning out the Augean Stables of the Trump government.  

And for what it's worth, Trump's talk about "nastiness" and the GOP talking points about being "fake" are weak. She's both considered one of the most progressive candidates, but is also a "cop"? She dares to be more complex than any talking points? Maybe the problem is they really don't know how to do talking points about her that don't address the bad things Trump isn't supposed to say, but says anyway.  Because that will obviously be a great look (/sarcasm). And maybe that's why he seems shook. Or sedated. But I guess mostly shook. 

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