Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Trump's Campaign Has Found Its Mascot

It's an old guy in a golf cart yelling "White power!" (Clearly, he's not going for subtlety, here.)

It says an awful lot about Trump, I think, that the image of retirees at each others' throats is a heart-warming sign to him: division is the name of his game. People screaming at one another is his happy place because it means they are not thinking.

UPDATE: Ah. He was told to take it down. He can pretend he didn't have the sound on, but just between you, me, and the internet, he knows perfectly well what he retweeted.

UPDATE 2: All right you libtards, listen up, it was teh sarcasm and you have no sense of humor!

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Grey One talks sass said...

How long has that old trope been around - and I'm talking about the can't you take a joke line always uttered right after something rather horrible has been said. It never was funny and it's less than amusing now.

I am tired beyond comprehension at the lack of compassion and empathy exhibited by the current occupant of The People's House and his base. Truthfully I believe the White Supremacist gangs are all terrified they will be treated as they have treated the Black community. Smells like Justice to me.

And as a side note - the Yutes of today seem to have learned from our mistakes. They have the receipts. They know how to work social media. They watched as their parents tried and failed to make significant changes. I'm an old but I remember being young. I hope they are successful in taking over their world.