Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Not a "Liberal" nor a "Democrat", Anyway

This stupid weekend, Donald Trump met with Putin and joked about getting rid of journalists and meddling in elections, wholeheartedly endorsed Prince MBS by claiming no one "pointed a finger" at him for killing Jamal Khashoggi (well, except for the UN and the CIA), made a pointless photo-op trip to meet Kim in North Korea that highlights how little has been achieved with all his friendly palaver (and, because what is a Trump stunt without a Big Lie, also falsely claimed other presidents begged for such an opportunity), and revealed his ignorance of more or less recent desegregation history and the concept of western liberalism, by considering "busing" as being about transportation choice and liberalism as boiling down to a Bob Hope California "fruits, flakes and nuts" type punchline. WE can at least rest assured that he is not a liberal in the western sense, or even a small "d" democrat, because he doesn't even know what those things are.

And yet he represents the US abroad.

He's unfit in so many, many ways, but they've been normalized. Any part of this shitshow should have been cause for days-long raking over the coals, and yet he will endure the entirety of this bare-ass display without due whipping. But what really astonishes me is the assholes are going to try to make Daddy-Minder and patent-collector Ivanka normal, too:

That not everyone will put up with another generation of ineptitude is....something. But a bit more than side-eye would be nice.

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