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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Can't Say I'll Miss Her

It will be very hard to miss Sarah Sanders' White House press briefings, because towards the end of her tenure, she hardly bothered with them, but could it safely be said that I wouldn't miss Sarah Huckabee Sanders, herself?

Yes. Gosh, yes. 

I never jumped on Sanders with both feet the way I did with Sean Spicer, I guess because by the time she was WH Press Secretary, the constant untruth was just an accepted part of TrumpWorld. It wasn't that she lied any less or was any less of a bully from the podium. If anything, she was more disdainful of the press, showing in her interactions with them an attitude along the lines of "I went to the trouble of serving you up this steaming plate of lie, now shut up and chew."

But what would have been the point of sounding off on a person doing a job she seemed to hate? She admitted it was the "opportunity of a lifetime" and claimed to "love every minute of it", but it was also an opportunity to be frequently called a liar and be more offended by being called on it than by actually doing it. It was the opportunity to have to act out an adversarial role with the WH press corps for the benefit of one particular audience member, even that wasn't always the reality of the relationship

Also, if it was such a great gig, what's the rush? Some people might wonder if her effectiveness as a spokesperson for the President has been diminished after having been exposed as an admitted liar in the Mueller report. But that surely isn't it, as she seems to be leaving on her own terms (although someone like myself might notice the comment made by Chris Christie that Trump had been ill-served by whoever in his press office allowed the Laura Ingraham interview that made him look bad). Also, she apparently had been meaning to leave for the past year

So who knows what lies in store for Sarah Sanders? Eating safely in restaurants again? Running for office?  Screwing around listlesssly and then getting a spot on Trump's 2020 campaign?

Meh. We'll see.

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