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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sanders is a Better fit than Spicer Was

I know I gave former WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer some crap on this blog about being a liar for all seasons, but there were times I actually felt kind of bad for the guy because I thought he seemed to have a conscience. It didn't work properly, but he looked uncomfortable about some of the things he said--I figured he was kind of bad at his job, and the WH considered it a feature, not a bug. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on the other hand, is a kind of awful which is a much better fit with the overall tenor of the Trump Administration. She can suggest that a private company fire one of their employees over speech that the White House disagrees with, and also recommending that a former FBI Director, who will likely be producing testimony against her boss in an ongoing investigation, be persecuted, without looking like she feels even a bit bad about those things at all. 

It's a funny thing--in this country, we have freedom of speech and of the press, not lèse-majesté, as the Constitutional rule. It's very unusual for the Press Secretary to make a statement from the podium, speaking for the White House, to recommend any private company fire someone for their speech. The allegation that Trump is a white supremacist isn't rare or all that new, and it was announced that same day that President Trump had a dialog with an African American Senator, Tim (not Tom) Scott over Trump's completely pitiful Charlottesville response.  (Trump himself had called former President Obama racist, in addition to insinuating that he was not a citizen. He seems to have a hang-up about whether black people are the real racists. I'm just saying--there could be a reason for that.)

It's also damn weird to have a Press Secretary recommend prosecution of someone via an interestingly not-entirely true position.  

It sort of looks like trying to intimidate people who might dime out Trump for any possible wrong-doing, which I'm not even sure is an advisable stance to take since the fall-out from the Comey firing in the first place was an obstruction of justice investigation. And I don't know if she just doesn't realize that her statements are kind of winding her up in that particular business, or what.

But she commits, you guys. She totally commits. 

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