Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, September 14, 2017

TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Never Rest

Sometimes I have enough stories to file a TrumpWorld Grab-Bag post, even if I don't entirely get how all the stories fit Sometimes I magically have a theme, such as "inconsistency" or "disruption", to go by.  Sometimes I pull them together with the best narrative I can pull together--and today, I think I want to meditate on that busy factor of the folks on the periphery of the TrumpWorld. 

You know who never rested? Gen. Mike Flynn. The more we look, the more we find out about one of Donald Trump's most trusted foreign policy advisers. It turns out, there was yet another foreign connection that he had omitted from his security clearance paperwork, this time regarding nuclear power in the Middle East--not at all a fraught concept, I'm sure. He's also recently refused to testify before the Senate Intelligence committee. 

It might just be that he would like immunity--the problem is, the more you shake this guy, the more weird connections fall out of him. Like, right now, Special Counsel Mueller is looking at Flynn's weird adult son, Mike, Jr. because of his connections to Flynn Intel Group and the Trump Transition.  It's kind of weird to think Jr. even was in a position to be important in Flynn Sr's various lucrative consulting gigs with Turkey and Russia and Saudi Arabia, I guess, and all them, and also in any way involved with the Trump Campaign or transition since Jr. was a big old conspiracy theorist, internet trolling whackadoodle. But who knows--maybe that was the point?

How's Flynn Jr. for peripheral? Well, I also don't want you to forget about Devin Nunes. I know, the last I mentioned Nunes was about his trying to obstruct the Trump/Russia probe by being stupid about the significance of the Steele Dossier. But before that, there was the brilliant late night ride to uncover the vicious, probative, "unmasking" things that the Obama Administration was doing! My stars and garters! What ever happened with that?

Well, for starters, folks in the know never thought it was much. And then the testimony of Susan Rice kind of got interesting--it's really all in a day's work to follow-up on why heads of state or their representatives are visiting the US without a heads-up, and it's interesting that the meeting was with Flynn, Kushner, etc.

This should really have people looking into the whole "Logan Act" thing.

In other news, for some reason, the US government agencies are scrapping Russian-backed Kaspersky software products as if they were obviously full of spying malware or something. Maybe they think they could get hacked--I dunno. But maybe the next election won''t even need to be hacked--I mean, who needs to fuck with the votes when the GOP has ways of fuxxoring with the voters? Outside job, meet inside job. (Aw shit, I'm sounding a little like a conspiracy theorist now, maybe?)

But as for the above graphic? That's to commemorate the moment when an Office of Government Ethics decided why shouldn't people raise donations for their legal fees regardless of whether it's possibly payment for past or future favors!

This Trump Administration has issues that never rest, and it makes me restless. So I share it all with you!

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