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Sunday, March 24, 2019

In the Bubble with Fox and Some Friends

Just to resurrect the Fox Mushroom Farm notion for a bit, a recent survey suggests that the garbage news that the Fox Channel provides skews it's viewers more to the right, against climate change science, and pro-Trump. 

Not a shocker, there. Fox News has been in display as particularly problematic lately, regarding popular host Tucker Carlson, for instance, who is a real big hit with white supremacists for some reason, and Jeanine Pirro, who has been suspended from tv for another Saturday night after some extremely anti-Islamic comments. Also Laura "Sieg Heillo Kitty" Ingraham has been deeply suspect with regards to promoting the kind of replacement theory chanted at Charlottesville and which allegedly motivated the Christchurch shooter.  Fox also filters conspiracy theories from the fever swamps upwards to the mainstream, like promoting a Tweet from Qanon

Social media is often noted as a vector for radicalization, and this is both part of the strategies of such groups trucking in violence and disinfo, and part of the algorithms that control what people see online. Fox has actually been boycotting Twitter for some reason--and I have not missed them

I think people can be extremely online without becoming extremists. But I don't think they can be extremely fond of propagandists and do so. And it has never been more clear how much Fox is actually propaganda

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