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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Fox Mushroom Farm

My dad introduced me to a funny expression once. He came home from a meeting at work and said "They treated us like a mushroom farm. They kept us in the dark and fed us shit."  It tickled me, so I remembered it, and I sure have experienced that feeling. So when I read this over at Media Matters, I decided to re-christen the FOX News Network: The Mushroom Farm.

Because it makes me laugh, is why.That their viewers are real people fed a diet of nonsense, misinformation, and blood pressure-raising theatrics? Well, that doesn't make me laugh. But hey: Mushroom Farm. Tea Parties?
 Attack of the Mushroom People.  

1 comment:

StringOnAStick said...

I like "Mushroom Farm"; it immediately conveys exactly what Fox is and exactly what it does.