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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Because Losing the House and Firing Sessions Wasn't Enough

Trump, when he feels cornered, acts like a tantrum-y little baby and lashes out like one. Everybody should have recognized this by now. With subpoena-power in the hands of Democrats and the likelihood that some real shit could go down, now, Trump with huge obviousness had his flunky, General Kelly, go "You're fired!" at Sessions and made him sign his own "at the request of the President" resignation.

This is how he rewards Sessions' loyalty for being the first major endorsement, working on Trump's campaign, and actually taking a little heat off press inquiries about the Russia investigation by recusing. Now, that loyalty might have had everything to do with loving to be in charge of performing legal racisms, but to give Sessions his due, he didn't do anything specifically wrong to get on Trump's bad side except to acknowledge his legal limitations. But as everyone needs to know, and some indicted and pled-out people already have cause to suspect, loyalty with Trump is a one-way street. You can be as loyal to Trump as the law will allow and quite a few ways it won't, but in the end, if you ain't useful enough to His Nibs, you get the brush.

But that story, the furthering of the obstruction of justice that is the Sessions' firing and the ramifications thereof and the whole thing where Rod Rosenstein isn't in charge of the Mueller investigation and doesn't this mean Mueller's thing is all in danger, is a whole blog post for another time. This is about cheap-jack press trumpery--this thing where Trump keeps fucking with the press for no other reason than it makes them pay more attention to him.

Jim Acosta has been a Trump target for a while. So, I kind of tend to agree with Leah McElrath that this press stunt, where a WH aide tries to grab for Acosta's mic and it somehow gets turned into a story about Acosta being the aggressor, looks a lot like a set-up. The aide marched up to him with purpose while he was speaking, and reached at him several times. He protected his mic, but was not poking at her--it was the other way around!

And then the White House fuxxors with his press pass and Sarah Slanders has to use some Infowars version of what happened to make a case for why. You all know Infowars--they are the guys who think Obama has a weather machine and every school shooting is crisis actors. They are exactly who legit players would turn to for straight footage. (Eyeroll, please!)

So, what's going down here is, instead of talking about how the Democrats taking the House is bad for Trump, or how it's really damn suspicious that a white nationalist is visiting the White House (and isn't it racist of Yamiche Alcindor or April Ryan to even bring this up--well, no, isn't it racist of Trump to play the game where women of color are the real racists?) or how Trump is furthering his obstruction of justice behavior by firing the guy who is sort of permitting the investigation into his earlier obstruction of justice, or how all of this warrants more investigations which we will now get, we're going to talk about whether Jim Acosta got a bum rap, but only for about a minute, before the next big outrage, because this is how Trump plays news cycles, and his wee culty-brained folks let him.

But let the record of your own damn eyes stand--she, little and young and deliberately chosen I think to be the one to go up and do it, swiped for Acosta's mic and got in the way of his expressive hand, perhaps, and looked up at the podium at "Daddy Trump" to see if she was noticed doing a very good job.

But Acosta didn't touch her at all intentionally, he was just protecting his mic, because questioning the president is his job. End of story.

UPDATE: I don't think our young lady that Sarah Slanders calls an intern is that, at all.

UPDATE:  Westerhout debunks this:

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Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, it's interesting, because this is one of those events that will inevitably be seen through the lens of respective bias.

My understanding is that Acosta kept pushing the envelope realizing that inevitably he would be temporarily suspended.

Apparently a discussion is now taking place about him receiving a raise, a book deal, and possibly journalism awards.

I was hoping that a Democratic takeover of the House could diminish polarization and there would be a Democratic Party position other than dislike of the President.

I guess we'll see.