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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Blood is Rigged

I really have no impression about what Senator Warren's DNA test means in 2020 terms because it's a pretty good troll right now. It will actually not in any way change any opinions on one side or the other: people who though Elizabeth Warren was a pretty effective politician regardless will likely still think she's pretty effective, and people who don't like her much will continue to not like her very much. I don't think she's fooled about what this does for her, except get the dumb question of taking a DNA test in the first place out of the way well in advance of 2020.

The point is really that she's never run on identity politics. This wasn't a part of how she got on the national stage, but the "Pocahontas" nickname basically became how Trump preferred to define her because she got under his skin

Now, the degree to which she has native ancestry really doesn't matter--she isn't claiming anything except there was an ancestor according to family lore, there apparently was, that's it. Trump, on the other hand, bet a million dollars, with his own alligator mouth, that she had none. And now his canary ass will only pay if he gets to administer the DNA test himself, which he wouldn't enjoy doing (what does he think this entails?) because--?

The blood is rigged? She dramatically faked a DNA test to put a person worth, according to his own estimation "$TEN BILLION DOLLARS" on the hook for a measly $1 million for (checks notes) an Indigenous women's resource center.

It doesn't really seem likely, unless you happen to be notoriously dodgy debt-skipper Donald Trump, who will still use the racist nickname, because he is an insensitive asshole. Which says far more about Donald Trump than it says about Elizabeth Warren. And maybe he'll pay, maybe not (probably not). But every time he says it, it's like a little reminder that she at least put up. And he can't even shut up.

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