Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, October 15, 2018

Invite Fleas, Expect a Flea Circus

The Metropolitan Republican Club seems to think they had a problem regarding antifascists protesting , leaving meaniegrams, and tagging their establishment for no great reason, but after seeing their special invited guests, the Proud Boys, who have a pretty shitty reputation for head bashing, doing some head bashing (as they do a lot) I'm of the mind that this particular Republican club might have baited the antifascists by having fashy folk right there. Surely, an Antifa/antifap to-do was going to ensue. 

This is what they do. They attract people who also might like bashing heads.  It is hard, then, to feel strictly bad for the hosts of a fashy group for having gotten Antifa attention. 

There was a way not to do that--not invite them in the first place. But hearing them point out that what the Proud Boys say is more or less what one might expect from a more traditional conservative, such as Ann Coulter, is, well, priceless. 

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