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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Our President is Not Great

Donald Trump is what he is. I don't expect a lot from him. He's a racist, he's a misogynist. He's a political opportunist who takes time out from disparaging the account of a sexual abuse survivor to also preemptively discount the accounts of future accusers, as if demanding that no rape or harassment accusation merits the potential harm to one hair on a some poor man's head, and while he's at it, disparage the media that even bothers to report such things, and the lawyers who dare to put such cases forward.

But of course he's lashing out--he's a narcissist, and today, he received a spectacular wound to his carefully created image--that of being a self made man! The story from the not-so-failing New York Times, via Susanne Craig, David Barstow, and Russ Buettner, about how Donald Trump got so rich with the help of his father's money and a whole lot of tax evasion, is a breath of so much legal culpability (for him!) and fresh air to the miserable "work" his story has been--("work" meaning the pro-wrestling slang for fictional backstory) of having persevered as "a builder and entrepreneur".  This sad bullshit man lost money in the casino business where people give you money to experience the thrill of losing money! He was regularly experiencing cash infusions from his father, basically money-laundering from his own family, to keep himself in the game! And his family benefitted from his schemes, so, if ever this cretin wanted to deride Obama for the "dreams of his father", look to this guy for a monograph on the "schemes for his father's money". He isn't the guy some people want to think he is--and his ignorance about everything continues to become apparent to people who, you know. Know stuff.

How is this a consolation for the message given to survivors, though? He's also lost a little shine on his aura regarding the lawyer whose name he can't pronounce and his client, the woman who can positively ID his junk as a Mario Kart character facsimile.  The story regarding his attempts to cover up the illicit carnal connection show him bidding his number two son to use Trump Org lawyers to try and make enough rain to drown out the sound of his guilty penis crying.

Or something, anyhow, what I'm getting at is, it's a ridiculous situation that we have an admitted sexual abuser in the White House who has appointed a possible sexual abuser who will most likely cast a vote to dictate whether female-bodied people can or can't have control over our reproduction--but on the other hand, he's a disgusting basic-ass problematic criminally liable sexual abuser who can't even pretend for a minute that he's even decent people, whose best defense and offense comes back to, not legal brainz or higher truth arguments, but schoolyard slurs. Whether Mitch McConnell, a blasted soulless abyss surrounded by skin, ushers in this cretin (Kavanaugh) or some less problematic cretin in the congressional lame duck period, means less to me than what the unmasking of the open misogyny means.

They (the GOP) have revealed that no woman's pain matters to them. They went along for a very long ride along the subject of whether any woman's pain matters. It was partially revealed years ago with Anita Hill--but it was made highlighted and in relief this time about. They should have understood but stay ignorant about whether women matter--and this does not mean GOP women need elevation--they lie and lie on a bed of nails. Letting these women lose is a gift to them. May they learn from it.

Trump is a very special sort of monster, but he doesn't thrive without help. There is no good reason for any GOP politician to prosper in the upcoming election, so long as he is in office.

He is not great and can not "Make America Great". He is no friend to women. Let's end his political sway.

He couldn't make himself great with his dad's money and positive press. (He can only become president, but at what cost?) With Russian money and filthy lies about other people, why wouldn't his name be the trash it really represents? He has power, but is not and never will be great. A great mistake, maybe. A great shame.

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