Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's a Goddamn Shame, Lady

I'm so old, I remember when Robert Dear shot up a Planned Parenthood,

when George Tiller was killed in front of his church,

when James Alex Fields Jr. ran into Heather Heyer with his car,

when Dylann Roof shot nine people in a church,

when Taylor Michael Wilson tried to take over a train,

when Nikolas Cruz wore a MAGA hat,

when a Sikh gurdwara was shot up because a white supremacist only knows they looked foreign,

when a horrible Canadian mass shooter was a fan of US right wing voices,

and so on, and so on, but I guess the thing that really sticks out for me is when a mob of Rand supporters curb-stomped a journalist,  while Rand Paul himself was cozying up to people with names like the Southern Avenger.

Because "Meh? Sometimes white supremacy, deep thinking, right?"

But no, really, even though I know there was this one guy that shot Steve Scalise a bunch of times, the angry young men of the right have been sending death threats and pictures of rape and shit to people all the time.

I guess instead of embracing the gun, you could encourage your man to get out of politics. I think this would be most salutatory. Because then he, and by extension Mrs. Rand, would culture war no more.

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