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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Apparently, I Wasn't Back

I refrained from blogging a little bit because it turns out, my job also involves sleeping and eating and doing self-care things so I can function, so I made a kind of choice to not blog until the need to scratch the blogging itch was as much of a relief as not-blogging turned out to be.  I don't know that that really needs an explanation or if anyone was worried that I stepped off a cliff or anything. I did set myself on fire today (entirely minor kitchen incident, really) and have my right hand swaddled in gauze and salve with a judicious amount of oral application of flavored spirits enabling my relative comfort, so I am, in some sense, back on blogging form. 

It seems like many things did come to pass in the last few days, and I'll try to summon up my piece(s) about them.


mikey said...

I've been wondering about you.

But I kind of figured that's what happened. I'm sort of in the same boat. Lots of things are happening, but there's nothing that really needs to be said about them - we can all see them happening in real time on the teevee and the t00bz.

I'd LIKE to write about NorKor and Iran, but sadly (to me) nobody reads those pieces. I get tons of traffic on other stuff, but the stuff I'm most interested in dissecting in detail is stuff nobody else wants to think about...

Formerly Amherst said...

Hey Vicki, what's shakin'?

Actually I was hoping that you would write about the OCD aspects of blogging. I've experienced a small amount of this in the past, and I think it is seldom the fact that people realize what they're getting into when they decide to blog.

The current event I find the most intriguing is that the Smallville actress Allison Mack has now been charged in a bizarre sex cult. Apparently she was being used as a rainmaker for remuneration and was devoted to the cult leader who is some kind of psychopath with a messianic complex

It has been my good fortune to be involved with esoteric subjects on a legitimate level. However, I have seen many cults arise, destroy lives, and then sink into oblivion. Maybe you saw the plight of the guy who became enormously renowned for writing a book called The Secret. He finally held some extreme sweat lodge in Sedona, AZ and some people died from it. He was convicted and did jail time.

Incidentally, this cult Allison Mack was involved with apparently ripped off a lot of their material from EST.

Take care of yourself. I find trying to organize my life around a balance to be satisfactory.

Harry Hamid said...

Well, if that's where your priorities are, then go ahead and sleep and eat and put out the fire on your hand, then.

Blogging breaks are good, though.