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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tax Season is Over and the Vixen Returns

My regular business hours have now become amenable to regular blogging. I thank my regular readers for their understanding during this month or so of irregular posting, and hope I can swiftly return with all due speed. In the duration, I have drank less, slept more, and endured remediation of my good health. I hope to maintain some quantity of those things. Why am I working more and also enjoying things more while blogging less?

Because blogging is sort of OCD (which I could wax large about my own experience of, and won't, except to explain that the thing I do for no money should not impair my ability to do the things that actually do make money). 

I have had no lack of material to work with in this interval, only lack of time to properly whip said material into bloggular shape. 

This lack of time has passed. On with ye bloggings. I hope they count. 

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