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Friday, February 9, 2018

He Watched Fox News

So, there was a funny old thing that happened about a minute ago, where Julian Assange tried to slide some info on Senator Warner into a Hannity parody account's DM's.  Or, like, use other channels. This struck me as so hilarious when it happened that I mentioned it sideways in a TrumpWorld Grab-Bag thingy as a sign that old Jules was going batshit. But this Warner thing has apparently filtered from the Fox News mushroom feeding trough to POTUS--and it's wrong.

Actually, Marco Rubio put the kibosh on it, to his credit. This turns out to be just as "devastating" as the bombshell texts that were supposed to show that President Obama was keeping tabs on the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, when he was actually interested in being fully briefed about the real national security threat of Russian fiddling with our elections (a thing Trump himself apparently can't be arsed to do anything about--has WH COS Kelly talked about his lazy ass getting this situation corrected enough?)

This reminds me of a study that once showed that people who watch Fox News were actually less informed than people who watch no news at all. Trump watches Fox a whole lot, it seems.  Makes one wonder if a president of a developed nation like, well, the US, could get better information somehow. If he could be bothered to.

UPDATE: From the Washington Post: he doesn't read the daily briefing because it isn't his "style of learning".  Who knows if he gets more value from the oral briefing than from his "executive time"?

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