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Thursday, February 8, 2018

This is Actually Not a Good Comeback

Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah referring to Omarosa Manigault-Newman's latest firing as her "fourth" is weak for a lot of reasons, and I just wanted to spend a minute breaking them down because this being said during a White House Press briefing bothers me:

1) The previous three times Manigault-Newman was fired was on a reality television show. Everybody knows those things are scripted to some extent. That isn't real life.

2) But then Shah says "the fourth time we let her go" like working at the White House is "The Apprentice Season 15: DC Follies" or some such nonsense. What in the hell does he mean by "we"?

3) If her being fired from "The Apprentice" three times meant anything, why was she hired for a White House job? She got fired three damn times from a reality tv show, and then got hired for a White House job--who did that? Who did that?

4) The Deputy Press Secretary is making this comment during a White House Press briefing because I presume Sarah Huckabee Sanders would rather vape dead skunk than answer questions about Omarosa or Rob Porter because she's human, but really--quitting outright is definitely an option, right?

5) He's also making this comment during a White House Press Briefing because a former White House staffer is now saying things about the administration on another reality tv show. Not on "Meet the Press". Not on "Face the Nation". On "Big Brother". So, the cool grown-up move after all other grown-up moves have failed would be "We don't have a comment about former staffers who are now on reality tv shows." Because this is the White House, which is real life and important stuff, and that is reality tv.

6) But this White House is a clusterfuck, so they basically just admitted they are the equivalent of a reality tv show, because why not?

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