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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Suckularity Continues in 2017--Landau and Romero

Of the iconic series of Television Past, one of the greats is Mission: Impossible, and my favorite character was Rollin Hand, played by Martin Landau. He was cool, handsome, and a master of disguise. Martin Landau, the actor, was a Rollin Hand as an actor--cool, handsome, and as a character actor, a guy who folded into his roles beautifully. His career was exceptional and I'm sad that he has been lost to the suckularity

George Romero also--there was a period in my teens were I was a Tromaville afficcionada, but that sort of dirty, graphic, socially-aware kind of cinema milieu probably wouldn't have even existed if not for the example of Romero, who basically invented the zombie genre.  But his amazing work on movies like Creepshow and Monkeyshines show his depth in understanding human horrors. He visited dark places and brought humor and reality to the otherwise senseless dreamworlds. 

They both shaped my world a lot. Safe travels in the beyond, if there is one, to them both. 

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