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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sometimes Even TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Have the Blues

Focusing on Donald Jr. as a contact-point between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign has certainly kicked up a lot of defenses of Donald Trump Sr's baby boy. Or should I say, middle-aged baby boy. It bothers the hell out of me when a grown man, something like mere days younger than the leader of France, and old enough to be president himself according to the US Constitution, and certainly old enough to run (supposedly without his father's input) the Trump family's international company--and yet, some people think this "kid" should get soft treatment for not knowing that dealing with representatives (or people purporting to be representatives) of a foreign power is not actually normal campaign behavior for a political campaign, and having intel shopped in front of you kind of is mighty collusion-ish (conspiracy to interfere with an election--maybe a promise to facilitate espionage, depending? It's really dumb, what the Trump "kid" is supposed to have done, but I dunno. I think many adults would have known to refrain from what he did.)

What I think is amazing, though, is that the Trump 2020 campaign is already ponying up yon Trump the Younger's lawyer bills, since before the news of his stupid collusive Trump Tower meeting with who even knows how many Russians even broke to the world. As if the Trump Campaign is openly now accepting that whatever Trump the moral baby did is reflecting back on Trump the perpetual candidate, who is having a hard time being loved with all this talk of collusion and shit about! 

Aw hell. Isn't a little recoil to be expected, when even an administration's AG is gangster about his disclosure of assorted contacts, to the point of basically showing a photo of his own extended middle finger?

It strikes me as proof of a problem, though. The pattern of a problem is real. Kellyanne Conway just a minute ago suggested that the goal posts have been moved to "evidence of a systemic, sustained, furtive collusion". What she doesn't seem to see is that she is the one moving the goal posts--but we do have a systemic and sustained coverup in the form of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump not reporting their full financial and other foreign contacts. We have Flynn and Manafort acting as campaign surrogates, while also being paid by foreign governments. They aren't in the mix at the moment, but Kushner and Trump Jr did as badly in their willingness to trade the US cow for the magic beans of dirt on Hillary Clinton, as those other campaign reps had done, and at least Kushner and Ivanka should not still be having security clearances. 

All this gives me the blues. I would surely think more GOP-ers's would find this scenario bent and precarious from a national security pov. They should wonder if Trump is really a prone Russian patsy. I would be ashamed if I thought (and I kind of do) that a POTUS could be so open to blackmail and financial and social leverage. 

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