Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

WH List of "Attakers" Disproves Trump Claim

The weird thing about the way that President Trump lies is that he lies about things that are easily disprovable. Take the thing he said at MacDill AFB just yesterday about the press not even reporting about terrorist attacks. I'm pretty sure the WH list subsequently generated was Googled and compiled stories. Also, in the slap-dash hurry to make the President seem like not to much of a dissembler, the list used "attaker" for "attacker" numerous times, just to seem even more inept.

There really isn't anything of an editorial nature that can be added to that. It was total bosh intended to smear the press, who in his mind, can't even do the most basic things, like get his poll number right, or judge crowd sizes. I sort of wonder how this might be handled at a press briefing.

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