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Friday, January 27, 2017

We are Paying for the Wall

So, I guess I could try to leap on every stupid position the "Gish Gallop" Trump Administration is trying on--or, to keep myself actually sane, I could just address the biggest issue I can seize on at the moment, and here's one:  Despite claims that Mexico would pay for the entirely signifying wall Trump wants to put up, US Americans are going to pay for it. Via Sean "The Forehead" Spicer, the idea has been floated that Mexico could be made to pay via a 20% tariff on goods coming into the US from Mexico--

To be paid by? The American consumer, which would mean we are still paying for Donald Trump's signifying-ass wall! Whee doggies! That there is some rational approach to immigration and trade--alienate your neighbor and ally, and drive up prices for your own consumers. That's so damn dumb I'm glad it didn't come from Trump's mouth directly (but from "The Spicer Must Flow!")--that we know of--but both the Wall and protectionist schemes were both verbalized by Trump from the campaign pulpit, so I have to wonder if he thinks this is actually sound economics at all? Pay for the wall by obliquely shading Mexico, but in actual fact, levying the cost on the US taxpayer?

Cynical genius if you could keep US citizens from catching on that this is what is going on, right?  But what if it was patently stupid? As in, a president just promised to pay for a $15 - 25 billion not -necessarily needful project by levying a tax on goods--against most free trade prescriptions, that is to be paid by a) US consumers or, b) be obviated by owners of Mexican factories relenting and making a fraction of their goods in the US for sale without tariff--creating some handfuls of jobs but by crikey definitely not paying for any damn wall.

I think we are paying for it regardless.

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