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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Believes in Voter Fraud

See the guy in the picture right there? That is Donald Trump, who has definitely been sworn in as President of the US. He thinks his election was rigged, you guys, and I'm beginning to believe him.

See, he alleges that maybe 3 to 5 million illegal votes took place to kind of make it look like his win was not legitimate. It is abominably stupid of the organizers of this fraud, that they arranged to only have the illegal people vote in states that Hillary Clinton would have won handily. Did anyone think Clinton needed a 2 million + buffer in California? For real? Why make his "win" look fraudulent, when, if the Democratic rigging was even vaguely capable, they would have actually shifted for a Clinton win by distributing those 3-5 million votes where they would have really counted--by concentrating on essential swing states like PA, FL, OH, WI, MI? For a real stumper, why would they have stopped there? Why not try to turn out fraudulent votes to swing the Senate? It was doable.

If there was enough cleverness afoot to introduce several million illegal voters, then the same massive fraud should have been competent enough to ensure that these votes were properly distributed to states where the same votes would matter. But they weren't. No thoughtful fraud could possibly have taken place without a meaningful strategy aimed at winning the electoral college. Only a very stupid person would imagine anything was affected by a massive dump of illegal votes in CA. Or that any sophisticated fraudster would have left Senate, if not House, votes alone.

So let's look at what we know about the data set this spurious supposition could have been based on, which doesn't find so much for illegal voting, so much as finds for a significant number of erroneous voter eligibilities on record due to deaths or moving, that leave ineligible voters on the register.

The active question in the mind of anyone who hopes to suss out whether this would result in fraudulent votes would have to consider that, in order to be successful, the fraudulent voter would have to know, in advance, that a registration exists (from a deceased or relocated voter on file) in a particular district that they could exploit. Regular folks are not going to have that information. Governments might be able to cross check voter registrations against available data that might invalidate them, but what are the odds that an overzealous government oversamples potential fraudulent votes and throws away perfectly good ones?

Thing is, since voter registration and counting is controlled generally at state level, if you were going to rig an election, get a state that leans your party, have a database of all registered voters, run a check to determine which registrations are most likely out of date,  and then ensure your party workers (not undocumented folks, how messy and uncontrollable) actually submit the votes.  Which is how I, if I were a voter fraud mastermind, would actually positively rig an election to get an actual win, instead of doing what Trump supposes the DNC did, which was apparently rigging but with epic fail since he is in office. And I'm not saying that Trump just, OJ-like, hinted at a kind of "How I Did It". Of course I'm not. (Do the math.)

Oh heck no. I just wanted to point out that if you think voter fraud could happen the way Trump says it did, you would have to be pretty stupid. This is a really stupid thing to think--also, based on the voter ID laws and all that in red states, I'm basically saying lots of Republicans are really fucking stupid. Or, if they don't think voter fraud is really a thing but like the idea of cutting off swaths of voters because they are poors and ethnics and unreliables, eh? Ok maybe just racist. Actually fucking racist. I am not even covering up for your asses by finding nicer language, you guys. You are denying actual legitimate voters their rights. Because?

Also, I think Trump wants to hawk voter fraud because he might like to get re-elected but since so far he is the worst, only voter suppression would even remotely make his re-election a thing. But anyhow, the "rigging" was never for Hillary Clinton. That is a lie.

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