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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Assange is Maybe A Little Disingenuous

It's probably my deep partisanship that makes me respond to the idea that President Obama wants to "delegitimize" Donald Trump, with the very obvious: well, who then wanted to see President Obama's birth certificate to determine if Obama was even a citizen, or called for his college transcripts, to try and find out whether he was even smart? Trump made this an acceptable play. For what it's worth, were either of Trump's parents born in the US? What does his birth certificate say? And maybe I want Trump's school transcripts because he doesn't seem so smart, either.

I also have a tendency to think, that if the GRU was peddling the fruits of their warez to Count Hackula in the Ecuadoran Embassy, they probably wouldn't have fronted as GRU or state-sponsored in any way. They used a thing called a "cut out"--pretty basic. They might have represented as a security firm.* Maybe Assange is telling the truth in stating that he doesn't believe that he was contacted by Russian intelligence resources (even if I think this is a buttload of denial). Still and all, the Gateway Pundit-level framing left no possible alternative in my mind that WikiLeaks had a certain political agenda W/R/T the US elections. I don't trust a damn thing he says anymore.

It is pathetic Sean Hannity does. But he is a propagandist by nature. Treating Assange like a major truth telling machine, when just a while ago he was the worst kind of traitor? Turned entirely on what party's narrative Assange served? Yeah., Hannity, we have got you read.

* Ah:

Anonymous. They don't even "know".

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