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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This is the Kind of Thing: Part One

So this is complicated--it actually is true that for all the #freeJulian bovine residue out there it is nonetheless true that Assange actually is holed up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London because he believes (as I understand it) that if he answers for rape charges brought against him in Sweden, he will definitely be extradited to the US to answer for broadcasting stolen US data. And that's all well and good--keep in mind that Assange is not a political prisoner except in his own mind, and then recognize that this matter that the rancher stepped in is probably beside the point.

Gosh. While this isn't as choice as linking to Gateway Pundit, relying on info gleaned from Reddit certainly feels like someone is using a urinal cake as a breath-freshener. It's kind of sad when noble haxxors of yore don't recognize traditions of the internets like randos calling out a potential friend of Pedobear and think the fix had to come from up top.

I don't know what is up with whether he and his shop are dumping stuff illegally obtained for fun and profit in a way that many internetizens can't even get our panties bunched about, but can we just admit that the framing is massively unimpressive? Either straight material going out has signal or is noise. The WikiLeaks stuff seems like noise when you try to contextualize it. The pretense that stuff is being authenticated seems hollow and the result isn't hitting gut-buttons except with the folks who like that kind of thing. I don't think he has the staff he used to have to check shit out. But so what? We've got the kind of stuff Senator Sanders admits his campaign's email might reveal.  Some of the stuff, like the "oversampling" polls stuff, doesn't seem hinky to people who understand polling or campaigns. Josh Marshall explains that oversampling is actually the "best business practices" standard of trying to get a granular view of the potential vote, and in any event, a campaign would be shooting itself in the foot to rely on skewed polls.

I don't need to think Assange is a pedo to think that Ecuador cut his internet because fuxx0ring with the US elections was just a bridge too far for them. So--hmpf. I don't know how uninformed you have to be to take this ride and be thrilled, but I am pretty much not the target here--and I'm really sad an audience for it exists.

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