Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This is the Kind of Thing: Part Two

So, regarding the "Democratic operative" who seems to have spilled the beans about planning to bring an aura of violence to Trump rallies: Sigh, it was a former Occupy Wall Street guy. Who apparently has been conspiring to bring this bs for more than a minute, with, which is where the Trump Campaign's CEO Steve Bannon comes from. Oh. So dudebros who like white privilege more than actual social and economic justice is actually a thing, and not all "Democratic" activists are actually supporters of democracy?

Huh. Good to know. Thanks, Project Veritas. We will keep this in mind. I still think the "Donald Ducks" thing is pretty funny though.  Donald Ducks showing his taxes. Heh! I don't know how many bloggers thought chicken-shit candidates should be followed by some activist in a chicken costume, but it was more than a couple. I feel like if you consider that level of campaigns-manship "too rather" for your blood, you might want to relegate your time to bingo or something.  Was this collusion or "great minds thinking alike"?

I mean really? Ducks! The Trump campaign and super-PAC probably don't want their potential involvement level similarly challenged--is the feeling I have. Such meh.

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