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Monday, August 1, 2016

Donald Trump's Stupid Weekend

Donald Trump decided to spend his weekend being a goddamn idiot, for mostly political values of idiot. He resigned himself to a program of "punching down" at civilian private citizens Khizr and Ghazala Khan who spoke at the DNC regarding his bigotry against Muslims and the sacrifice of their son, Captain Humayun Khan.

But that was not his only stupid activity--he also denied that Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. Um, but, um, well? How about what actually happened where people could see and have been reporting on, since like, more than a year?

You aren't getting a smart response from Trump in this one. You can't. It's sort of like his ridiculous conflation of former VA Gov. Tim Kaine and former NJ Governor Thomas Kean--quite different persons holding offices years apart in different states and affiliated with different parties--it does not seem possible he should be able to screw them up in his mind--did he? Well, maybe Trump has been notoriously dumb in public before.  But the stuff he's been coming up with lately is on a whole 'nother level--as if he had no staff and his kids/handlers/close associates couldn't even tell him to not be stupid. Or maybe--they have ideologically conceded that it's better not to even try to be wise?

But the fact remains--he does not seem to, on the surface or deep down, understand the least thing about what the office he is running for entails, or how he would occupy it. His understanding of history and process is minimal, and his personality is more or less being a jagoff.

Khizr Khan invited Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to  disavow Trumpism--they could. I have invited them, via this blog, to take the knee on the White House, and concentrate on downticket battles to remain competitive. But if they don't? I find myself empty of any real sympathy--

They knew what he was when they picked him up.

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