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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Donald Trump--Huh?

The candidate of the dankest memes has managed to self-signal-boost with a fascinating lawsuit against a former aide who most certainly does not have the $10 million dollars that Trump wants.  Trump has decided, in the middle of his campaign, to sue a former aide for major scrilla, over letting a reporter know confidential insider information about his campaign. Such as a possible affair between the campaign manager he let go (who now works for CNN while still receiving his Trump campaign severance pay, and most likely has as much of a nondisclosure situation as Nunberg, right?) and a spokesperson who, for whatever reason, doesn't actually always speak.

Now, Trump hates disclosure, but he seems to be opening himself up to exposing information about his campaign just by filing the lawsuit. I mean, how do you sue someone about the info they are spreading about the campaign, without discussing the stuff you weren't actually preferring to discuss. It would be like trying to justify he nondisclosure of his tax info by openly claiming it would be prejudicial against him. Like, just stating you can't put your business out on the street because everyone should already know it's dodgy.

It's a weird way to test the "Streisand effect"--the most notorious big rich guy suing because the dirt he didn't want out there got out there, when getting across how much he didn't want it out there puts it more out there.

The idea that his candidacy is a version of The Producers scenario keeps making more and more sense. He can't be meaning to win doing this sort of thing. Also, this scandal stuff upstages his VP nomination, that he put on a Friday--the day news dumps happen, for reasons.

He is doing this all wrong, you know.  Not any of this is how potential presidents would do things.

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