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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump Gave a Stupid Teleprompter Speech Wednesday

For what it's worth, Trump tried to respond to the very good speech that Hillary Clinton did about his bullshit economics/business record and sort of stayed on Teleprompter. I guess that's good, in that he got some very needed Teleprompter experience because without one, he kind of dives into incoherent bs. But he did give fact-checkers a bit of a workout.

It sort of disappointed me because I was hoping for just a little bit more fact-challenged conspiracy-theory obvious batshit--but I guess he's trying to take this running for president thing seriously, and that he cites completely debunked gossip stuff is maybe not such a surprise after all from the big bad celebrity "Birther" whose investigators were turning up fascinating things in Hawaii.  OMG you guys! This could retroactively affect that whole 2012 election where Obama kicked the ass of the guy Trump endorsed and stuff while Clinton was still his Sec. of State and whatnot--but YOU DO YOU THE DONALD! Really feel right now that as a patriot, if Trump had the goods, he could have totally ended the Democratic White House farce with so much knowing of the stuff, but he didn't, so. (?!)

Also in the news, Donald Trump is still a racist misogynistic bigot whose speech got eated by House Democrats having a sit-in. Still getting in formation? Yes, very much so. Thanks for asking!

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StringOnAStick said...

I heard a bit of Trump's speech, credulously reported by Nice Polite Republican radio, and it sounded fairly normal, which scared me, big time. If he keeps this up, the politically uninvolved airheads that decide our elections might give him a Jesse Ventura exception. My fear is asshagedy BH the knowledge that he won't be able to keep doing this, his narcisste ego won't stand for it.