Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Although getting a vote on gun control is unlikely to result in any legislation right now, in the same way that the recent Senate filibuster resulted in four bills going to the floor and being rejected, the point is that it is even addressed and that the members of Congress are on record.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough.


mikey said...

Yeah, ok, fine. But how do we find ourselves chasing after an increase in authoritarian bureaucracy at the expense of basic fourth amendment due process?

Is this what we're reduced to? Begging the conservatives to let us implement further constitutional abuses, opening the door to so much more, just because we're afraid of the political costs of demanding real gun violence legislation?

At this point, we're in a losing position either way. For me, I'm not getting on board a bill that gives the DoJ unfettered power to strip rights from citizens on the basis of a secret list of names.

I say let's go to war - let's challenge the gun lobby on the cost of guns, and America's outlier status on firearms globally....

Vixen Strangely said...

I don't think these bills are winners, but I'm not sure the Dems are banking on them getting winning votes. Although coming right and saying it pains me--to an extent this is a stunt; I'm of about the opinion Cole is on this one ( ) in that they are highlighting the contradictions--here's the GOP majority--doing nothing, here's the Dems, kept from doing anything until this is all they can do. What the House action does is give Paul Ryan a few dozen gray hairs--end this by having the Capitol police escort them out? After cutting the C-Span cameras, those optics look cowardly. Bring the vote and then deal with his colleagues on his side of the aisle--have you seen those people? He'll be Piggy in Lord of the Flies.

These bills are like opening bids. I don't like the political nature of a terror list myself because how do people end up on it? Wouldn't I expect it to be as rife with profiling as other aspects of LE? Probably. Do I think that any extent to which they open up the selection process to review and legal challenges would be anything less than kind of fucked--not really. But I'm not positive these are the bills they want--it's just the fight they want. That's why I expect that any bill the House got to vote one would be as rejected as the four in the Senate. At the risk of displaying abject cynicism--it's a demonstration of why the voters should consider changing the whole complexion on the House--to a Dem majority, thanks.