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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This Filibuster is a Beautiful Thing

I do not know if the filibuster started almost by surprise today, which has some bipartisan support if you want to call it that, will have any positive effect in getting any solid gun control legislation, but that it's actually happening strikes me as a very good sign that the Democratic Party is after doing the people's business. As it happens, the debate on guns and the polling concerning it does swing, and some restrictions make good sense, like denying access to guns for people who might be proven as violent for domestic assaults and people who are on a terror list.

I am content that in the wake of the worst mass shooting fatality, the issue of access to guns is being addressed as part of the problem, even though I understand that there are certain political realities at work that are even making this a thing--as in, real as the problem is, we often don't openly acknowledge it as such. It's an election year--and the impact of a certain major player who has been endorsed by the NRA who was about to knuckle down to the "less guns" view having made a "more regulation" statement hasn't hurt them--or at least, has dramatically curtailed the GOP response to this without looking kind of two-faced. And it's possible some GOP Senators are vulnerable.  They might find it useful to break with the pro-gun outlook on one hand, and support it for party reasons--and only their eventual vote plus their elections themselves will tell them whether they were right.

This is so very interesting to know is happening even if it's a bit of rough watching.

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