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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Example of How Racism Works

So, take the examples in American history of the Middle Passage, slavery, segregation, lynching, Native American genocide, Japanese internment camps--

And actually see the only really racist thing as being that part of American history when a non-white person actually became president;

and yet also, imagine looking at all Barack Obama ever brought to the table or accomplished as president, and only be able to see that he was a black guy.

Tea Party dumbass Joe Walsh, y'all.

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mikey said...

The fun thing about their cries of 'RACISM' like this and Trump calling Sen. Warren a racist is that it accomplishes nothing for them. They think they're making a clever point, but most people are appalled, real minorities who have personal knowledge of what racism is and isn't are disgusted and only their fellow white bigots are impressed. As long as we see them sticking to this story, they are not a threat on a national political level...