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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Climate Sunday: Finger-Pointing, anyone?

The above Tweet from MI Gov. Rick Snyder is in response to statements made by the candidates at tonight's Democratic debate. (I've screen-capped it instead of embedding, as one does when a rapid-response might just be too rapid and could be deleted.) It might make Gov. Snyder's day if we just let bygones be bygones and forget about who poisoned whom, but believe it or not, some people still think accountability is part of the process of making things right. Hillary Clinton used her time to bring up the issue at the end of the debate, and Sen. Sanders stated that the governor should resign.

I think there is a point to removing Snyder from the office because what he knew and when he knew it is an important part of solving the crisis. That the water was discolored and smelled bad and wasn't safe was brought up long before he was apparently bothered to do anything about it. It might even seem to some people like nothing got done because somebody didn't want to accept the blame, as if addressing it meant taking responsibility for it. Oddly enough, being responsible enough to take care of the well-being of one's citizens when one is governor is what that leadership position is all about.

And considering this disaster to be about "political statements" is clearly missing the point by a mile.

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