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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Hiatus--

I've been enjoying a kind of weird "Christmas in July in December" weekend, with temperatures in the high 60-low 70's Fahrenheit the last handful of days. The spouse and I have sat on our front step in shorts playing with his Christmas present to himself--a remote-control truck. In shorts, no less! This weather (although it's rained a little bit every day this past week, and will for the week to come) and the requirements of the holiday rounds, has given me something like "spring fever". Nothing lately has quite motivated me to actual writing. And yet--

The lovely (ahem--muggy and wet and warmish) weather I've been having hasn't been enjoyed elsewhere, like the deep south, that has been having flooding and tornadoes (with loss of life, property, and security for so many) or California, which is still having wildfires--as is Australia, and then again, more brutal flooding in the UK.  It is hard to be cheery while knowing so many people are being endangered or inconvenienced to such an extent.

So, I shall endeavor to get back in the swing of things as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile I definitely wish my readers wherever you are safety, peace, and a better New Year.

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