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Thursday, November 12, 2015

See, Then There's This Thing Called A General Election?

When Donald Trump is topped in the polls by another outsider, the attacks get a little ugly, don't they? I'm not going to pretend that Donald Trump was incapable of going full-frontal racist. I'm sorry if any of his backers were surprised, but I don't think they were.

Although on the other side, Dr. Ben Carson has invited us to consider that he was, truthfully, at one time, a sociopath with a personality trait of anger that he needed God to lift from him. I don't know if any of that is true, but I do think it's weird he even now is surrounded by shady folks.

Neither of these guys expected to be the frontrunners of legitimate campaigns. The sorry bastards. And neither one of them even should be frontrunners of semi-serious campaigns.

I want to see their books, and their campaigns, in the remaindered bin. But wow, this country certainly has a vibrant rube class!

Update: Trump isn't worse than you think, in some ways he's actually worse than you can think.  He's not a disciplined candidate, and he'll be a ridiculous figure on the international stage.

None of this should be plausible.

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mikey said...

Indeed. I veer wildly from rolling my eyes at the entire process, confident that they cannot even win the nomination, let alone the election to the realization that there is actually very little daylight between the crazies and the most 'respectable' of Republican presidential candidates.

The lesson to be learned here, as you allude to in your piece, is not about American politics so much as it is about Americans themselves, their anger and victimization and bigotry. We are many things, but overall, we are NOT a good people...