Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some items I find intensely interesting, as a poliblogger:

Item the first

Maybe he shouldn't have said he was okay with "the blacks" a bit back, if actual black people sued his  business beause they thought it was discriminating.

(Although my brain read this as an egotist's version of "some black friends"--"Hey, The Donald, how many black friends do you think you have, while you are doing this racist ad hom against our elected president?"

"All of them. I am good with all the black friends that are melanin-gifted people."

"Thanks for playing, Don.")

But also item the second, he put out full-page ads arguing for the death penalty of the "wilders" accused of assualting a Central Park jogger. Which crime they were coerced into confessing to. This episode taught him nothing. He did not learn that you don't assume, because it makes an ass of sort of you, if you're listening to him, and him, because he's always wrong. In any case, these things kind of lend credence to the "Oh The Donald, you are so busted and racist" meme. And I am happy to amplify this current a little. I definitely find  his race-based prior opinions interesting.

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