Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan is getting a sad at local Townhall Meetings--

What I've been hearing is that Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin-yeah, weirdly enough, that Wisconsin, has been given a hard time by his constituents for some of the ideas in his budget proposal.

He's being booed and challenged by these people who sometimes aren't even being as nice to him as he expects. It's like they thought their elected representatives should represent their interests somehow. It's really a big mess. 

I'm so ideologically separated from his cause.  And yet, I have a dumb amount of Paul Ryan pictures on my hard drive. I think it's because of the dark hair and light eyes--a combo I find really attractive.  But that's irrelevant. I hate to see anyone so....well, justifiably called to answer for one's shortcomings and so obviously disliking it so much. So I will dedicate my next jukebox pick to Paul Ryan.

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