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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Carly Fiorina and the Very Big Lies

Let's get one thing very straight, here--I don't like Carly Fiorina. I might smile when she takes pot-shots at Donald Trump like a natural-born politician running against him should feel obliged to do, and I might like it that a woman is shaking things up in the GOP primary--but that does not mean I think Carly Fiorina is a great candidate or even an adequate person. Truth is, she bothers the shit out of me, and not just because she trash-talks Hillary Clinton with that "accomplishment" foolishness.

Gurrl, I've followed Hillary Clinton for over twenty years, and you, ma'am, are no Hillary Clinton!

But her recent disgraceful lying about Planned Parenthood takes the cake. She imagined a disgusting scene  that did not occur in the actual CMP videos, and, to cover up her fabrication, produced her own really specious and janky video. Since the images don't have much to do with Planned Parenthood in the real world where people live, I guess her little video stands as a testimony to...her love of fetal snuff porn? Because honestly, her concentration on the mechanics of ending pregnancies while ignoring the reality of women who seek abortions to end their pregnancies basically makes me believe she considers 1 out of 3 women baby killers. And her visit to a pregnancy crisis center should actually remind us that these centers are mostly frauds.

As is Carly Fiorina. After all, her much-vaunted business success is built on self-promotion and a meticulous cover-up of her failures. She 's anything but a job creator.

Basically, she's always lying.  She's a compulsive liar. But when she lies about women's health care in a way that makes it harder for women to obtain care for their bodies or their prospective children's bodies, she goes too damn far for me. I do not like Carly Fiorina, and I do not have room to forgive her very big lies. She has no business chipping away at other women's bodily autonomy and reproductive choice. I stand with Planned Parenthood against her fabricated snuff porn and I support not treating this liar with kid gloves because she's allegedly a lady. She's a politician and not a good one. All systems go.

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mikey said...

Here's the thing. It's September 2015 - six months before the fist primaries, nine months before the conventions, fourteen months before the general election. For all her vaunted attacks on Trump, she's doing the same thing. The reason Trump and Rubio are so far behind at this point is, while they are dishonest, they stick to the longstanding Heritage Foundation lies that the press has been indoctrinated to 'respect'. She's doing exactly what she should be - throwing bombs and just out and out pandering to the Primary constituency's bigotry and hatred for 'liberals'. It's the best political tactic for them this early in the campaign. The people who are paying attention already believe the lies, and there's not enough journalistic focus that can call attention to them. But this is still the minor leagues.

It'll become a problem when they get the nomination. Then more people are paying attention, and they are not extremist ideologues. They're right wing, sure, but they don't have the same hatreds and sense of victimization. So they have to try to find a way to thread the needle between the hatred and lies and the increased scrutiny and broader voting constituency. Romney couldn't do it. It's possible that it's impossible. The base is very vocal, and they aren't going to let you walk back what you told them, but you can't say those things when you're a real candidate.

So let her dig the hole, sez I. All of these things are being recorded, and all of these things are things she'll have to confront if she somehow ends up part of the conversation in June.

The Dems go into the General with an institutional demographic advantage in the popular vote of somewhere between 3-8% - plenty for a fairly easy win in a routine general election. But we have to face the fact that American Presidential elections are won on the basis of two million votes in three states, so anything they can do to cripple themselves early will be important in November...