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Friday, September 25, 2015

Jeb!: I, Clod-I-is

I just want to direct my readers' attention right here.

Jeb Bush said out loud, where people could hear, that he was offering "hope" to African Americans, instead of "free stuff".  Having paid attention to what Bushes do to the economy, you don't mind if I think white people should also think "free stuff" would be a better deal than what these idiots think "hope" means?

That's just clod-ish. This is supposed to be the "smarter brother". And he still isn't showing any signs of it. For one thing, you can't pretend you're not divisive, but then talk about a group of people as "the other" so naturally. And then, wow, welfare queen stereotype much? That's just kicking it Reagan-era. Is this a thing he thinks is okay in the 21st century?

Yeah. Well--maybe he thinks he will survive the primary from hell if he plays it dumber? You know, like Claudius from the popular PBS series I, Claudius, based on the novels from Graves, downplays whether he understands what's going on? Is it possible that he is pretending to be an actually super-thick nonsense shake because if the straw fits-?

I am going to both posit this theory, and then completely reject it. He's not playing dumb. I think the mistake with GWB was thinking he was playing dumb. I am doing to come out and say, this dude is actually kind of dumb. When the guy with the Mexican wife says "multiculturalism is bad"--dumb. When he says he's his own man and then embraces everything his father and brother did, including relying on their aides and advisors, dumb. When he calls rejecting the XL Pipeline "environmental extremism"--he's just being a clod. What are we really getting out of it? What is our pay-off? How is this beneficial to us and not an ideological fetish?

He doesn't know. He doesn't think he's supposed to know. He's a clod.  He's really as dumb as we might suspect he is.

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