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Thursday, September 17, 2015

There was Another GOP Debate

I did not watch it, although according to Twitter, it definitely happened. Apparently, Carly Fiorina believes in the Planned Parenthood hoax videos and thinks this:

was an actual thing she saw instead of the stolen image of a stillborn baby that even the makers of the highly-edited hoax videos had to admit to. She dares pro-choice people to watch that nonsense. A lot of us have. I don't think she has, or if she has, she is too gullible and weak-witted to realize how deceptive it is. Aaaaand, she's pretty much one of the winners of the too-many person free-for-all that was. Because even if a lot of what she said was internally contradictory and obviously nonsense (she won't negotiate with tyrants but she's calling Khameini on Day one?) she believes in her bullshit. She even went in again on the "name one accomplishment of Hillary Clinton thing". I hope her rude awakening is bloody humiliating. It ought to be. But long story short--she's an awful person.
You know who else is?  Jeb Bush. He made some noises about how his brother kept America safe. From 9/11, the Beltway snipers, anthrax, Hurricane Katrina, a dumbass protracted war in Iraq and Afghanistan and assorted terrorist attacks on different embassies and such? Well--no. Also, he thinks the stupid SOFA with Iraq that ended US engagement there was dumb. I guess he doesn't know whose administration that happened under, either. I'm not sure a person who was in a coma the last 15 years would make any kind of good president. Also he said Margaret Thatcher, a foreigner, should be on the $10. That's just stupid, I don't care who you are, son.
Donald Trump would like to end all diseases, unless it involves vaccinations, which might totally involve autism, because he isn't a scientist, and has never read anything ever written by one. But he thinks autism is awful and worse than getting measles which will kill a person, and I know all his kids are totally immunized because duh and I don't even know who he thinks he's pandering to. He's an awful person.
Also awful--Mike Huckabee. I don't think he knows anything about civics. He was asked who should be on the $10 dollar bill and said his wife. Gawd. If I was his wife I'd a hit him for that and other stuff. Shit. Carrie Nation? Harriet Tubman? Rosa Parks? Even Ted Cruz could find Rosa Parks on that question with both hands and a flashlight. How Huckabee did not go for Kim Davis I dunno.
Ben Carson is Ben Carson. I don't think he knows where he is. His family ought to collect him and make sure he doesn't try this running for president thing anymore.
I think Scott Walker needs a helmet and a snorkel on the off-chance he runs into something hard or wants to eat soup. Because I think I understand his raison d'etre has something to do with hating people who work for a living? Which is most of us? And working people are kind of like ISIS if we have unions, so that's why he is so qualified? Did I hallucinate that?
All I know for sure is--these are not regular folks, and they don't know half what they should, and they are weird.
I don't think getting to know the candidates is helping. 

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