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Monday, August 31, 2015

MM Kalburgi Murdered at his Residence

I have posted regarding the brutal slayings of freethinking bloggers in Bangladesh, but it was not until reading about the slaying of MM Kalburgi that I understood that something very similar was happening in India. India has also had the loss of  Dr. Narendra Dabholkar  and Govind Pansare. (Contrary to Bhuvinth Shetty, UR Ananthamurthy seems to have died from illness and old age, not anything some would-be terrorist planned for him. ) 

It doesn't matter to me whether the war on free speech, free thought, scholarship, and democracy, comes from Muslims, Hindus, Christians, or any other creed. It is always wrong, and a sign of people who grasp at faith ignorantly and without any concern for truth or morality. There seem to be Hindu extremists who have a list, like the Muslims in Bangladesh have a list.

I have a list of people I might like to light up, myself, but I would not ever use anything more dangerous than my blog to do it (I think). And since these extremists think so much of the danger of bloggers and scholars, maybe that is enough for me. Since words alone drive them to barbarism and murder. Maybe words alone can drive them into the daylight, and out of a society that protects them.

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