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Monday, August 31, 2015

Denali's Not Just a Mountain in Alaska...

What's in a name? Would a mountain by any other name be quite as high?
The name "Denali" actually means "high" or "tall"--it's about as phonetically close as we get to what the peak has been called for centuries by the indigenous populations in Alaska, and it's the name the locals most commonly use. It's a name that is descriptive of the highest mountain in the US, as well as the name that the National Park in which it rests now goes by.
For some reason, President Obama agreeing with Alaskans that the mountain should go by the local name grates with those who feel that calling it "Mount McKinley" is somehow more seemly because it's a tribute to a former US President.
We can seriously name other stuff after President McKinley if you want, you guys. If Ohio has something that is already going by a dumb name, for heaven's sake, just change it to "McKinley" if it makes you feel better. But for crying out loud, this seems to me like this is more of an issue for Alaska, and Ohio, you put chili on spaghetti. So I can't even with you guys.
Alaska has been calling it "Denali" since before there even was a state of Alaska or a President McKinley. But I kind of notice so many of the people having little fits over this are GOP, so I'll just say Obama did it on purpose.
U mad? What's good?

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