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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bangladesh Must do More to Prevent the Murder of Writers

This interview with Rafida Ahmed, the widow of slain Bangladeshi freethought blogger Avijit Roy, who also suffered injuries in that attack, must be read. Her husband's murder, and the physical assault that cost her a thumb and left several scars, is just a part of a greater pattern of oppression and death because of religious and politically-based ideas. Although Bangladesh was founded with secular ideals, religious extremism has had a free hand in that religious extremist and terrorist influence have grown.

People may be punished for actions, but I am appalled by the idea of people persecuted for their opinions, however outspoken. I feel sorrow for the life cut too short of Avijit Roy, and I wish Rafida Ahmed resolution and peace. What befell her husband and herself was an affront to all thinking, writing, socially concerned people who believe in reason and peace. More should be done to prevent, and persecute, such tragedies.

Update:  via Friendly Atheist,  another murder has taken place. Taslima Nasreen has a more personal reflection of the slain blogger, Ananta Bijoy Das.

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