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Monday, May 11, 2015

Something About Jeb Bush

It was a couple months ago that I had to ask the question, "Does Jeb Bush want to be President?" because he didn't seem to have come prepared, with clear talking points, strong answers, or the ability to clearly separate himself from his father and brother's respective records.

Jeb Bush is trying, to the extent that he is trying to be anything other than a cash-raising machine, to be an all-around acceptable guy. He wants Liberty University to love him. (But really? Dude, they saw Ted Cruz first.) He wants moderates and pro-immigration reform people to love him.

But even though he says he's his own man, he still wants his family to love him, so he would invade Iraq just like big brother and Poppy before him did. Even knowing what he knows now. As Laura Ingraham, who is never shy with her opinions (and whom I got real pissed about this one time when she went all "mean girls" on Meghan McCain) put it--

There is something wrong with Jeb Bush. 

Um--I concur. I just don't think that's the response you give when you're trying to win. So many people by now have abandoned the idea that the Iraq War 2 was really about anything at all. People are literally calling the decision Bush43 made to invade Iraq one of the worst foreign policy ideas ever. He's had since 2003 to think about how he would answer that question having gotten an opportunity to run, and he's going to just agree with it?

There's family loyalty, and then there's looking like you have either lost the plot or never had it to begin with.

Yep. This week I said something good about a George Will column, gave a slight backhand to Sy Hersh, and agreed with Laura Ingraham. The week is still young. What the hell am I about?

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