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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jeb Bush is Dubious About "Women's Health Issues"

Former FL Gov. Jeb Bush is probably exceptionally known for making one woman's health care decision a priority for his administration--Terri Schiavo. Her end-of-life care, which could have simply meant death with dignity, was turned into a three ring circus for--not the patient, who was too far gone to experience any interruption of normalcy--but for the people who also resided in the hospice where her last days were spent. Dying people, and their families. He also persecuted the spouse of the dying woman, Michael Schiavo. For all the fucking good that did.

But he is not so sure about the value of the federal government funding "women's health care issues", because of some garbled statement that shows he cares so deeply about the issue he knows pretty much nothing about it.

Leaving alone the idea the he believes that government funds pay for abortions although anyone even remotely concerned with the Hyde amendment know they certainly can not, he seems actually confused about the way in which agencies like Planned Parenthood actually are "funded" by government--are you sitting down? Ready? It's mostly Medicaid payments for low-income people to receive basic-non-abortion-related care.  Which means they treat stuff like UTI's and STD's. They screen for cancer and guess what else? They have saved lives, and screwing with their getting paid screws with their ability to save lives, and improve lives by giving women control over their fertility, and giving women and men tests and knowledge about not getting STD's.

For what it's worth--is Jeb Bush so privilege-stoned he doesn't realize women are like, 50% of the people who live in this country? Why would health-care for female-bodied people specifically be not especially important to him, unless he somehow forgot that we are the ones who can bear children? Unless he knows very well that we do, and maybe just thinks we should be forced to? Which is an incredible shame, because agencies like Planned Parenthood also do prenatal health care for female-bodied people who want to be pregnant--and healthy. But they just accept, without judgment, that these services are a patient's individual choice. That's a more flexible POV than Bush seems to have. He doesn't think we should have our medical interests covered whether we want babies or don't. Because who the hell are we with our lady-business?

So here's in a nutshell the Bush female -bodied healthcare plan--since I know he doesn't care for the ACA, PP, Medicare or Medicaid. If you have a body, and if you especially have a feminine body, and even if you have especially a pregnant body--you just figure out how to have that kid. Maybe you have some insurance and maybe you don't. But he isn't concerned about your dumb girl "health issues". Suck it up buttercup. Be a fetus factory. Don't worry about your likelihood of surviving that pregnancy or even your baby's chances. It's up to Jeebus. But it isn't up to Jeb. He's had his babies.  Screw you and yours.

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